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About Us

We are ThermaGear™ and we are changing the ways of thermal heating. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2016, we have developed a cutting-edge material that utilizes Graphene to create one of the best heating elements around! We believe that heating it doesn’t have to be complicated. Weak and unsafe wires, bulky elements, costly designs and set ups, and overall limitations are issues that customers face with traditional heating elements. We do everything here surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City, (if you are a skier, you know what we mean.) which allows us quicker turnaround times.

When we first discovered the power of Graphene and the amazing possibilities that it provides, it became a no-brainer. We made it our mission to use our new technology along with Graphene we could transform the heating industry. From seating companies, the catering industry, and even in sports related products, we knew we had the technology to make the world of heating better!

The future is looking bright for ThermaGear™. Yeah, we are a young company, so no better time to gear up with us than right now. Tell us how we can design for you and let us be your prototype for whatever heating project you may have. The option to license the liquid ThermaGear™ is available so you may have full control of your ideas. Whether it’s something completely new, or you want to update your current product, just let us help you. Anything goes! Fill out our form, call us, or just stop by for a free consultation.

We would like to personally invite you to reach out to us. We are open to working with you and eager to make the process of customization easier, smoother, and just make it a fun experience. We believe full heartedly that you will be impressed with ThermaGear™!